{mosimage}The Washington Times - By Lord Waddington

Iran's fundamentalist rulers are the masters of deception and their president is no exception. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appears to swear by the old Iranian adage -- the best way to lessen the appearance of defeat is to give the impression of attack. It is about time the West played him at his own game with some "attacking" of its own.

{mosimage}AFP - A British parliamentary delegation called Monday for the European Union to remove the main exiled Iranian opposition group from its terrorism blacklist, saying it was a force for democratic change in Iran.

The Herald - Sir Menzies Campbell, as chancellor of St Andrews University, was due to confer an honorary degree on Mohammed Khatami, the former Iranian president, on Tuesday. The university has been sent a letter by parliamentarians detailing the president's involvement not only in human rights abuses but in limiting academic freedom.

{mosimage}The Birmingham Post - All eyes are currently on Iran. Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, explains why it is vital to world stability that the West acts now...