{mosimage}The Universe

Lord Alton of Liverpool

For those of us who have been following developments in Iran for over two decades, these are critical times.

Critical, because Western governments are facing a threat of historic proportions in the way they deal with the Iranian challenge.

{mosimage}The Guardian

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Archer of Sandwell

Engaging the mullahs is futile - the international community must instead encourage the resistance.

{mosimage}The Scotsman - Comperhensive sanctions, not war, will bring the extremists to heel and send a message of support to the Iranian people, writes Lord Fraser

{mosimage}The Sun - The world has three options as it faces the terrifying prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. It can watch the mullahs build nukes and hold the world to ransom. It can denounce American aggression- while secretly counting on the world's only superpower to ride to everyone's rescue. Or it can encourage the Iranian people themselves to topple the fanatics who threaten global Armageddon.