{mosimage}Middle East Times, By Dr. Rudi Vis MP: As a UK delegate to the Council of Europe, Europe has always been at the heart of much of the political work that I have done throughout my career. It is through such experience that I believe the Council of Europe and the European Union can do a great deal to achieve success on a number of the most challenging international issues.

{mosimage}The Western Mail - The Government is giving a group of Iranian refugees a “raw deal” by refusing to withdraw a ruling that they belong to a terrorist organisation, according to Welsh politicians.

{mosimage}Guardian Unlimited, By Lord Corbett of Castle Vale: A judgment last year described the government's ban on Iran's PMOI as 'unlawful' - will Jack Straw ever admit to his part in it?

{mosimage}Human Events, By Lord Corbett of Castle Vale: While Americans are busy choosing their next President, the incumbent has been touring the Middle East in the hope of establishing peace and promoting democracy.  But peace and stability in that troubled part of the world are not possible for so long as Iran is ruled by a regime that uses terrorism to pursue its ambition of establishing and leading an Islamic empire.