{mosimage}Church Times, By Baroness Turner of Camden: The international community has offered further incentives in recent weeks to the Iranian government to counter its defiance about its nuclear programme, but it has missed a message from the ordinary population of Iran. Some 70,000 protesters gathered in Paris a fortnight ago in a rally against the Iranian government, in support of the opposition movement

{mosimage}The Sunday Telegraph: While our media have been preoccupied with faked pictures of rockets put out by Iran's sabre-rattling Revolutionary Guards, Tehran's equivalent of the Gestapo, there have been extraordinary developments behind the scenes, in the ongoing drama over the West's outlawing of Iran's main opposition movement, the only real hope of a democratic, secular alternative to that fundamentalist tyranny.

{mosimage}Birmingham Post: With Iran's nuclear intentions still under suspicion, the EU must get its act together says Birmingham peer Lord Corbett of Castle Vale.

{mosimage}Middle East Times, By Lord Alton of Liverpool: The Iranian regime raised the stakes over its nuclear standoff with the West earlier this month as it test fired medium- and long-range missiles while a senior aide to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei threatened that Tehran would "set fire" to Israel and coalition vessels in the Gulf if attacked.