{mosimage}Washington Times: A leading member of the British House of Lords is lobbying Congress to protect a disarmed Iranian opposition force now under U.S. detention in Iraq.

{mosimage}WashingtonPost.com, By David Amess MP: Tehran's brazen approach to nuclear negotiations has been fueled in part by its thus-far correct presumption that the West does not have the resolve to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. The West's strategic blunder is in its determination to pressure the regime into changing its behavior rather than to seek a long-term change of regime.

{mosimage}Birmingham Post, Lord King of West Bromwich: Hundreds of Iranians and I gathered outside the UK office of the International Committee of the Red Cross on Wednesday urging the world humanitarian body to take action to ensure that US forces continue to protect the members of Iran’s main opposition force, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI), in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

{mosimage}Washington Times, By Brian Binley MP: America's Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno will take over the top brass job in Iraq next month while Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Quds Force continues to train Shi'ite militias to kill Iraqis and Coalition troops. As Iranian-sponsored violence continues, there remains a powerful force in Iraq with far greater local knowledge than the U.S. military and anti-fundamentalist Islamic roots that has thus far acted as the principal bulwark to complete Iranian domination of Iraq's political landscape.