{mosimage}The Lord Taverne, QC (Liberal Democrat) addressed 30,000 Iranians rallying in Brussels on March 8 simultaneous with the EU heads of state summit. The following is the text of Lord Taverne’s speech:



Friends, why is it so important that the [European] Council should not challenge the decision of the [European] Court. Because it is important; first because it is the only hope for a free Iran, second because it is the best hope and essential to the stability of the Middle East.

We have denounced the regime in Iran as a fascist regime. The word “fascist” should not be used lightly, but in this case it fits because here is a regime which preaches the export of violence in favour of theocracy, it is a regime which preaches racial hatred, it is a regime which preaches violence and domination. One only has to look as I have done of indoctrination in schools, text books in schools. What do they preach? First, there must be a world struggle in which the theocratic Islam prevails over the infidel. Second because it glorifies martyrdom, it teaches them to become suicide bombers. And third, because it preaches racial hatred. It is not just criticising the policies of the government of Israel, I am deeply critical of the government of Israel, but preaches Nazi style hatred of the Jews as a race, it is a racist regime, it is a fascist regime which is a threat to the stability of the world.

So why should we then back the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI)? Because it is absolutely clear that the opposition which the Iranian regime fears most is the PMOI. It is not only evident because of this massive demonstration here and in so many other occasions here and elsewhere, it is also evident because the Iranian regime spends 3.5 times as much effort and time and money on denouncing the PMOI as it does on denouncing all other forms of opposition to its regime.

So the only hope in the present situation is to back the PMOI. We cannot solve the problem of the threat that Iran poses by appeasement. That unfortunately has been the policy of the British government which is why the British government has accepted the request of the Iranian government to ban the PMOI. Appeasement does not work. Every time that we offer a concession it is gobbled up and the regime asks for more. That is why they have been able to postpone action of sanctions against their nuclear ambitions. Nor is the answer military intervention that is one thing that could save the regime. All the evidence suggest that there is massive opposition within Iran itself and the only hope is a regime change and the only hope for a sensible policy is therefore to support the PMOI and the National Council of Resistance of Iran.